Why Transition Well

End Of Life Is One Of The Least Talked About Subjects, But Should It Be?

To all on your journey – I will be your constant… I welcome you

Mind, body and spirit is who we are.   We will all have an end of life journey; the transition will be physical, it will be emotional, and it should be soulful.  Those around us, who journey alongside will also have their own unique experience.

Transition according to the Oxford Dictionary is defined as “the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another”.  The navigation of life’s passage is challenging at best and when you or someone you love is given a life-limiting diagnosis, the road can be crowded with fear, apprehension, and sadness.  You and your family may find the need for extra support to navigate these unprecedented times.  I will compassionately journey alongside you.  I will be a part of your team, the constant entity offering support and guidance as you navigate your changing world. 

The idea to support the end of life journey has come from years of experience in long-term care and family medicine.  I began my healthcare career in 2007 working in long term care.  In 2014 I graduated as a Practical Nurse and began a career in family medicine.  It is through my experience supporting and caring for patients and their families who find themselves in transition that I found my calling.

I believe transition can be done better, thus Transition Well was formed. What will this look like?